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Step Into Your Awesome

Imagine being part of a small group of women all committed to stepping into their awesome. Throw in a professional coach (me), passionate about supporting women to discover a deeper sense of purpose, joy, success, and ease, and there’s your recipe for taking your life next-level this year!

Ready to be part of something special?

Join our next Step Into Your Awesome Group Coaching Programme, kicking off on 1 September 2021.


I found group coaching with Saskia a great experience. The ability to gain support and knowledge from others helps you to move forward with your goals. It’s a relaxed, friendly time with everyone.

— Sharon

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Take down the barriers in your way

Something’s stopping you from living your full potential. Sometimes it’s a lack of clarity, sometimes it’s confidence or courage, and sometimes it’s procrastination, overwhelm or imposter syndrome.

These things get in the way of our dreams and goals. If we leave them to run the show, they rob us of the amazing life that’s within our grasp.

Not only that, but juggling the demands of work, children, home life, partners, and your community can leave little in the tank for you.

This coaching will support you to throw off the shackles of perfectionism, people-pleasing, procrastination, imposter syndrome, overwhelm, or any other shit standing in your way, and to fully embrace your best self.

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Who is this coaching for?

This group coaching is for women who need to be reminded just how amazing, talented, and powerful you are. This is for you if:

  • You want to grow your confidence and feel like you’re enough.
  • You’ve had enough of the self-doubt that keeps you playing small.
  • You’re ready to level up in your career, take on new challenges and earn what you’re worth.
  • You need to set boundaries and ask for what you need in life.
  • You want to find your sense of purpose and more clarity.
  • You’d like to get more done, in less time, with more ease and grace.


This coaching will give you renewed clarity, confidence, motivation, and perspective. You’ll have a tribe of like-minded women who’ve been on the journey with you and have got your back as you grow in the future.

Best of all, you’ll feel empowered, calm and in control because you’ll be coming from a place of self-love.



“I found the coaching experience extremely worthwhile. Saskia is always well prepared and perceptive to underlying issues. One of the best coaches I’ve had”


Here’s how the programme works

You’ll have an individual one-on-one session with me to kick off your programme. In this session we’ll discuss your goals for the coaching and your starting point.

We’ll have 10 weekly 75-minute Zoom group coaching sessions.

The Topics We'll Cover Include:

  • Environment audit - what’s serving you and what’s not.

  • Designing your 3-year vision and 12-month milestones.

  • Identifying and accessing your strengths.

  • Personal foundations, self-care and daily habits for success.

  • Busting through fear and limiting beliefs so you can stop playing small.

  • Getting close and personal with your inner critic so you can embrace your best self.

  • Communicating impactfully and facing difficult conversations with courage and confidence.

  • Owning your worth and establishing boundaries so that you can claim back your time, stop spending time with people who drain you and enjoy the freedom this brings.

  • Becoming comfortable and confident in your awesomeness.

  • Locking in your personal blueprint for awesome.


You’ll be invited to join the Awesome Tribe, a closed Facebook group for support, inspiration and connection. And paired work throughout the programme where you share your experiences and wisdom will leave you with a support crew you know you can always turn to.

The next programme starts on 1 September 2021 at 9.30am NZST.

We’ll run for 5 weeks, then take a 2 week ‘integration break’ and then kick off again for another 5 weeks.

Your Coaching Investment


I believe awesome is contagious. Want to share this journey with a friend? 10% discount if you and a friend join together. Just enter the code FRIENDS at checkout.

If groups aren’t really your thing, and you’re up for a transformational experience, check out my one-on-one coaching programme. Investment for this is $4996 + GST, and in the words of one client “it’s totally life-changing”.

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“Group coaching with Saskia provided a forum in which I gained increased satisfaction in my professional and personal life. With accurate listening and mindful feedback, the forum provided support, challenge and achievement. I highly recommend group coaching with Saskia”


But will this coaching work for you?


This is for you if:

  • You’ve had enough of average.
    You want to step into awesome.

  • You’re ready to do the work that change requires.

  • You recognise that YOU are your most valuable asset and are ready to invest in yourself.

This is not for you if:

  • You just want to keep doing the same old same old. What got you here, won’t get you there.

  • You’re hoping for a quick fix miracle cure. You’ll need to do the work.

  • You think spending money on a holiday, or a renovation is worthwhile but spending that same money on YOU is a waste. You’re worth more than that.


Questions about coaching

Coaching is an investment and a commitment. So, it’s normal if you’ve got questions. Here are answers to questions I get asked all the time.

If you’ve got a question I haven’t answered here, please email me at [email protected] and I’ll get right back to you. If you’re still unsure if Group Coaching is right for you, book a free discovery session with me today.

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Why work with me?

I’ve been coaching for 17 years, and I’ve helped hundreds of people step up into their awesome. I’m professionally trained, one of a handful of Professional Coach Credentialled (PCC) coaches in NZ. I’m also a business owner, leadership coach and a mum.

So, the juggle? I get it.

When it comes to coaching, people sometimes say, ‘it’s expensive, maybe I can do it on my own’.

And you might be able to. You could read a really powerful self-help book. Or write your New Year’s resolutions in ALL CAPS on your fridge calendar. Or declare to all your friends that you’re definitely making major changes this year.

We all could … but ask yourself, would these changes stick?

Taking on a coach is taking control of your dreams. You’ll make changes you never dreamed possible. You’ll feel more in control of your life. You’ll even become excited about things that once seemed scary.

This is YOUR journey, but you don’t have to travel alone.

Ready to step into your awesome?

It’s time to stop putting everything else in your life first and invest in you. If you’re ready to take your life to the next level, book your spot.

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